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Analyzes and determines the content type, then applies the right processing to make it sound great.


Adaptive Noise Reduction intelligently cleans up dialogue and eliminates background sounds.   

Provides consistent volume across your segments, and ensures your videos meet the recommended target levels for online platforms. 


Fast, high-quality & affordable

A quick and cost-effective way of getting finished audio that sounds like it was mastered by an audio engineer, without ever having to leave your video editing app.

Great sounding audio, automatically

LANDR Audio Mastering for Video is an automated, AI-powered service. It gives you professional quality finished audio without the help of an engineer. It works by analyzing your audio, and intelligently applying a unique set of processes - noise reduction, EQ, compression and more - to make it all sound great together. Master your audio to make it sound as good as it looks.


LANDR listens to your audio and identifies the different components like dialogue and music, so that each part can be adjusted independently, even when edited on top of each other.  



Clean up

Noise reduction is applied optionally to make sure that your dialogue and voice-overs sound great even after boosting levels.



Based on what it's learned from listening to your audio, LANDR selects a unique set of post-production processors (EQs, compressors, limiters, etc.) and applies them to  your track.



Finishing touches like seamless leveling are applied, ensuring that the final rendered audio WAV or AIFF file can simply be dropped back in your timeline, perfectly wrapped in a bright sheen that sounds amazing! 

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Improves clarity of dialogue over background music

Automatically cleans up hiss with Adaptive Noise Reduction

Noise reduction 

Ensures your audio is consistent between cuts and across your entire project.


Get professional audio mastering for your videos in an instant, directly in Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC.

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